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TN Duroc

Terminal Boar

TN Duroc. Naturally robust and feed efficient.

At Topigs Norsvin, we believe in the responsible production of affordable, nutritious, and delicious pork. We believe our new product is the promise where we can deliver just that.

Our purebred Duroc boar has real Viking roots, originated from Norway. For producers looking for the combination of production efficiency and pork quality suitable for Japanese export.

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Seeing is believing

Young TN Duroc boars

My story

The origins of TN Duroc trace back all the way to the 1980’s, when we established our first Duroc populations around the world.

A decade ago, we embarked on a journey to create our ultimate Duroc, the TN Duroc.
In our vision, TN Duroc meets the future demands for sustainable food production: healthy and robust, feed efficient, and with a strong contribution to pork quality.

Norway was our choice to bring together the best of our global Duroc populations. Norway is essential to realize our vision. Imagine the rough subarctic conditions, where feed is a limited resource, health is good and where the Northern lights ripple across the sky.

The genetic improvement program of TN Duroc is based on our famous balanced breeding approach, including robustness, production efficiency, carcass value and meat quality. Our large Duroc population and incorporation of innovative, state-of-the art breeding technology ensure
we achieve the fastest genetic progress possible.

At Topigs Norsvin, we believe in responsibly producing affordable, nutritious, and delicious pork.
TN Duroc is the culmination of this belief.

We are proud to offer TN Duroc to our customers.

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With TN Duroc, producers will increase their margins by lowering feed costs, and by delivering more pigs to market than any other competitor boar.

TN Duroc has a long breeding history in Norway, which is the country with the most expensive feed in the world. This explains years of intensive breeding focus on improving feed efficiency, resulting in the most feed efficient Duroc on the market.

Robustness is a characteristic of all our products, and TN Duroc is no exception. Field research has shown that TN Duroc finishers have consistently lower mortality rates and defects than the competition. This allows producers to market more pigs at full value, thereby increasing their margins.

TN Duroc finishers are capable of high protein deposition and high growth rates. High performance is achieved with the right diets which need to cover the daily requirements of the animals. These are reported in our new TN Duroc feeding manual, which is the result of our own research and data validation on Topigs Norsvin nucleus and test farms. The feeding manual can be obtained via this website.

Robustness and behavior will remain key areas of improvement for TN Duroc. The way that we produce pigs is changing, with more focus on welfare-friendly and sustainable production systems. Strong and robust pigs are required now and even more so in the future. Our research efforts are particularly focused on developing TN Duroc to be competitive in the various production environments of the future.   

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Download the app to unlock the full potential of your TN70!

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